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Checking in again at the TomlinLog. I was away for a while. Have been very busy with work and stuff. I’m working for a national Christian TV company in Holland. Very cool, but hardworking.
Anyway have been away this past weekend to a mini festival of Soul Survivor. I was with 11 friends and it was AWESOME! I had a great time not to mention that we were all close to God. My friends and I were talking about worship leaders with the gift of spreading God’s word. My friends are huge fans of Jason Upton (they love Chris too, by the way;-)) So I asked them if it’s a good thing to love Jason Upton and by not being a fanatic but just loving his music because it’s God’s gift. I see loads of people who adore the artists and not the music. They told me that they were not a fanatic but loved his music and that they would love to see him again because he has a great gift of God. I was like yeah I want to see Chris Tomlin too someday, and they were like: yeah we would like to see him too. But I was like: it feels weird if he doesn’t come to Holland to go to another country to see him. They were like: No, why? If you want to see the gift that God has given him you should go and see him. I was like: yeah maybe I would, someday.
Anyway the theme of the festival was: we must go on. Which is true we must continue with our relationship with God. Sometimes it is hard because there’s always this lame excuse that we’re too busy. We also had to pray for things esp. your struggles. This year was very difficult for me: broken relationship, difficulties in college, my mom and dad are sometimes worried about my future (all parents have that problem;-)) It’s sometimes hard to convince my parents that everything goes alright. It’s hard for them that I kind of left the traditional Presbyterian church and became more evangelistic. I never left the traditional church for real but it’s just that I can’t find my path in it at the moment. And it is hard for them to realize that. I do want to learn more about God and about other ways to worship him. And hopefully I can come back later to my ‘old’ church and teach them other ways, to be a light. It’s hard to explain that to my parents. And I don’t want to disappoint them. I know I won’t but it’s hard for them to see that I’m not doing everything they want me to do. But they know that I’m a good girl. Anyway my friend Myrte prayed for me last weekend and I kind of broke down….tears were coming up. And I really felt that God was there for me. Sometimes you just don’t pay attention to the fact that God is really there for you, all the time!!!!
I will pray for a safe ending fo the tour! Love Always, Jacoline