Soul Survivor conference

It means I'm gone, away, out for almost a week. No internet connection whatsoever (although...I have a phone).

I tried to pack my's my least favorite thing to do. I have (yet again) overpacked. Anyways...I don't care my suitcase is big but my friends' car not.
Every year I blame her car! (Els: it's wayyyy too small ) My packing skills are just brilliant.

I'm off... will update you guys next week!


Ladybugs are evil, yup that's my opinion. Today at least 25 ladybugs took over the office. It was nasty. Nobody seemed to care, except me... I tried to remove them and put them outside the building. Seriously, I hate every kind of at some point I was so disgusted, I quit. I know you guys now probably think that I'm crazy but I don't get it why people think ladybugs are cute. IT'S A BUG! Not to mention that 25 is just too much:-)
I know there's a reason that God created bugs but I seriously don't like bugs, maybe it's a female thing...

Stellar Kart in Holland

Stellar Kart was in Holland and I bumped into them at work (EO) I didn't realise who they were until I walked away. Here's a little video:

"The Church"

I found these songs from Jonathan Scott band in my inbox today. I thought I would share them with you. Esp. the first song "The Church" is beautiful. It's about how the church should be.
Anyway take a moment, sit down and listen here.