My best friend got married!

Enjoy some pics of the wedding :-) It was a blast! Really weird to think about it that she's married now... I still need to adjust to that, haha.

Worship stars?

This morning my boyfriend e-mailed me this video. It's about the worshipmusic industry. Somebody just wrote a song about it, just to heat up the discussion onworshipmusic.

I love worshipmusic and I know a few people who are actually in worshipbands so the way I look at this video is as one big laugh. Of course I do understand why the guy made this video. It seems that worshipmusic is what's hot in christianmusic at the moment. There are christianartists who switch to worshipmusic just because it sells at the moment. Mainly because they can't continue to live without any dime.

I'm sure all the big names are earning quite some money through the music they make. But I also know that those big names are making a difference in the world by either donating their money or telling people about God. Still itr's good to keep questioning yourself about the music you buy and like.

So here's the video, don't get offended, it's good to see that somebody actually dares to write a song about this!

Vtech, 2 years later...

It's two years ago, today, that 32 people were killed on Vtech University. Please remember those people today and pray for the ones that lost their friend/familymember or loved one that day.

New application

Blogger has a new application! I now can post messages by sending an e-mail or a text message to my blogger account. It's pretty interesting and also very easy. Now I can blog wherever I want to blog! Yes!

On another note...I failed on my driving test. I hate it but I already expected it. My next test will be somewhere in the end of May, so there's enough time to practice!
Other than that, things are going well. I'm still looking for a job but there are a few possibilities coming up. I'm also going to be an aunt again (number 17 is on its way) :-). And in a few weeks Jeroen and I are together for 1 year! Time flies by when you are having a blast!