Heartache gone?

Past november we burried my brother-in-law. He was only 48 years old.
When I first heard of his death I was relieved. Would this mean that my sister could finally go on with her life? But then after a while pain and tears started to come. I've known my brother-in-law for 19 years. I was 4 when he entered our home. He was a giving person, never knew love and thought he could earn it by giving. Then 6 years ago he started to feel depressed again and his depression took its toll. Two years ago he started to use drugs. He was already addicted to alcohol.
He became a very different person. Abused my sister and their 5 kids and wanted money money money. He almost killed my sister and put a knife in front of her. He went to jail for 3 months and when he came out of jail he started to stalk her and their kids. He didn't want to go to rehab. It was crazy to see him in that state, I couldn't believe what a different person he was. There was no life with him so my sister decided after a long time that divorce was the only option she had left.
They were in the middle of divorcing when he passed away of an heart attack. My 5 nieces and nephews don't have a dad anymore. They have seen him in his sick days and how bad this sounds they were relieved when he died. Isn't that horrible? My sister is still dealing with a lot of heart ache. She doesn't have enough money to get her bills paid and is now on welfare. His side of the family doesn't want to deal with her and her 5 kids after all she has been through. They keep shoving her bills of the funeral she should pay. It makes me mad.

This all has made her stronger but I just wish and pray that things will get better for her and her kids. Please pray for her too.