Not me! Monday

It's time for Not me! Monday again!!

I didn't check MckMama's page (the founder of Not me! Mondays and every single minute on wednesday to see if her new baby was born.

It wasn't me who ate two chocolat bars in one day... nope definitely no stress for school.

I definitely not went before someone to grab a computer at school! She wasn't first

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Who's going to be the next president?

On facebook there's quite a war going on “who's going to be the next president?”Some are definitely voting for McCain, some are pro Obama. It's even so bad that people are getting offended if you chose the wrong candidate. Today somebody was offended when I said that Obama is a Christian. She was very rude and said that he was definitely not a Christian.... "he only sits in church, that's all." She became really angry with me. “Nope, he's definitely not a Christian because well he's pro abortion and he's a socialist." How in this world can we judge about someones beliefs? We are not God. Even though you might not agree with this candidate and he doesn't reflect your opinion, it doesn't mean he's not a Christian if he says he is! We're not aloud to judge. Please judge yourself first.

Definition of socialism "Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society" I don't see any reference to collective ownership although that may help the our poor neighbours that Jesus says we have to love as we love ourselves .Now that's radical socialism!

When I told this person what my choice will be if I had to choose between the two, this person turned to me and madly said “You don't even live in the US” With other words “You're not aloud to have an opinion”. It makes me mad. I've lived in the US, I've worked there. Even though I don't live in the US right now, the next American president will have a global impact. You know, almost every country follows the USA. Clothing, TV programs, food... The US is the trendsetter. Dutch, Australian and Britis troopsh are in Iraq because of the WMD. They never found any.

I live in a liberal country. We have abortion, we have gay marriage, we have legal drugs and we have legal prostitution. I can't say I'm proud of it. Definitely not. Everywhere I go in the world people remind me of it. If I say that I'm from The Netherlands they go “Drugs!!! Red light district!” These rules don't seem to care to a lot of people here, not as much as the outside world does.

I can only say and agree that people overhere are aloud to make choices. Which can be good and bad. There's nobody that goes off to another country to get their unborn aborted. I'm definitely against abortion don't get me wrong, overhere I do vote for a poltical party that's against it. But because we have this law, the abortion of unborn babies has dropped. Which is good. I think if we all invest in information on abortion and why you shouldn't abort instead of making it illegal it will have a much wider and bigger impact. And this is just one thing....I just want to make clear that we all should think outside the box, not just in the box.

Then there's FOX news. As a journalist I get the shivers of that news channel. I've watched it several times and you can just see and notice that FOX isn't objective. News should be objective, they should portray both sides of the story, in this case both president candidates. So I get really mad when people just believe FOX news. I mean can't you see that they are indoctrinating you with their beliefs. I feel I'm getting way to caught up in this president race... which is bad. I'm glad when this whole campaign is over.

Today a friend of mine posted a video of John Piper on her facebook profile. I think what Piper says is so true. Please watch:

My friend also said (and I agree with her): "They need to look at all the issues, pray and ask God how He wants them to vote. Not listen to or read what other Christians tell them to do . God is Sovreign and He will have His man in for His purposes !!!What happens tomorrow in the US will affect the world.But praise God ,He is in control"

What my choice will be if I was able to would be number 3 ;-)