Still 4 days to go and I will be in the US! I'm excited but nervous. It will be my first time travelling alone and it won't be as scary as it seems to me but I guess it's just frealing me out a bit. I have this vision sitting next to an awful person in the airplane, and if that happens I will be stuck with that person for at least 7 hours! It makes me freak out even more...LOL. Not to mention that I'm an awful person myself when it comes to airplanes and subway systems...I see danger everywhere...Like last year in London a few weeks after the bombing in the underground...I didn't want to go in the subway but my friend forced me to go there I was sitting in the carriage as scared as I could be..

On our way back from London to Amsterdam I was sitting next to an emergency exit in the I told my friend: "If we ever need that exit I can't open it cause I'm scared"...and she said to me: "Well if we need it, you will open it, I'm sure". I'm such an idiot at times..

You lose a friend, you win one

Why are friends friends if they sometimes just suck!?! Maybe this is a little bit harsh but sometimes it makes me wonder why things aren't the way they should be regarding friends. I'm blessed that I have friends! And with most of them I became friends in primary school.
I have my own opinion but I just hate fights! I try to prevent fights all the time...Having a fight with a friend about something stupid reminds me of the years that I couldn't get along with my parents. And those years were awful!
So I can truly say that I don't argue with my friends and don't want to get in a fight with them. But there's always one particular group of friends that just can't help it but there's always something going on there! And sometimes I question myself if that is just normal and why I'm still friends with them...But I just cqn't give them up...My mom always says: "Sometimes you lose a friends and sometimes you win one"...maybe that's just the way of life! And I, I have to get used to that!

New Blog

For my dutch friends: check my new blog! I will be leaving the netherlands on June 24 and will be returning on August 19.

Dates and Hanson

This weekend I watched a movie called "My date with Drew" It's actually more a documentary than a movie....but I loved it! It's a true story about an ordinary guy who wants to go on a date with Drew Barrymore...It's hilarious and you should definitely see it!

Most of you know that I've been a Hanson fan for quite a while...well my favorite Hanson is married last week! Congrats to Zac and Kate!


Photograph by: Susanne Kooijman

My dear friend Susanne wrote this poem, and I just had to share it with you! She's very talented so you have to check out this link aswell:

Lost in the dark of the night
Noises from the streets
cars racing past.
A woman shouting at her crying baby
I want to shut her up
but my mind is too empty

I can hardly think
let alone speak
My legs carry me to god knows where
All I know is that I should keep walking
keep walking
untill my feet refuse to move
Doesn't matter where to I go
Just away from the heartlesness of this place,
where the people don't look at you,
just through you.

Amazing weekend!

I had an amazing weekend! On saturday I went together with my friend Mark to see a movie called Poseidon! One word: Spectaculair! One negative aspect....I had nightmares the whole following night! LOL
On sunday a friend of mine was being baptised:

It was great to see her again and to be in her church! See also invited a few friends from soul survivor and so it was one big reunion! It was great to see them all again! After church we drove to the showgrounds of Walibi World, a theme park. We went to Opwekking. Opwekking (Revival) is a christian annual event, that was going on that weekend. It was my first time there, it was great to be there and to see so many people singing along to worship songs, WOW! It was packed! Too crowded for me, so we decided pretty quick to go and find a place where we could sit and relax. I was talking to some friends that I know from SoulSurvivor: Edwin and Jakoliza, they are a couple. And at some point they asked me if I was still single...they obviously knew the answer, but still I replied that I was single. And they both said: well we don't think that is going to last long! So I bursted out into laughing...and replied that I really didn't care...that morning in church there was this guy who walked up to the front and he had a word (or in this case a bible verse) for all of us...and he said: For everything there is a time! There's a time to get to know my next boyfriend maybe I already know him maybe I don't...but I guess it's just not the right time right now...and to be very honest...I don't care...there are so many things that God has in mind for me, so many things that are going to happen this summer... so I'm thankful to God for my life right now!

So still less than 3 weeks to go before I actually leave for Boston! I'm very excited, that's all I can say right now...!!