USA trip 2006

I will be a campcounselor this summer but a few kids from my hometown will also visit Boothbay this summer, check the log that I've made for them....

Trust Him! I am again...I'm right now in the progress of finding a job for 2 days a week...and getting everything solved out before I actually leave to the US! (Still 37 days to go!) I'm so excited to see all my friends again, and I'm looking forward to work for the YMCA!

Oh, and I have some news that I want to share, it's official: I'm going to SOULFEST!
Soulfest is a christian event in New Hampshire, USA, and while I'm in Maine during the entire summer I wanted to go and see what Soulfest is about! I can only go for one day...unfortunately, because I have to work during the week at camp knickerbocker. But I bought tickets for the saturday, so I'm going! Yay!

I have been reading Revelations past still strikes me what will happen when finally the end of earth is there! It's above my imagination. It's just something you can't imagine even while you just want to imagine it. I think we have to trust Jesus in this...we certainly have to trust Him every second of our lives but do we trust Him all the time? It's not always easy to trust Him, but I try to do it all the time...and in this case, the case of the end of the earth....I totally trust Him! -Trust Him too!

New pictures of me

This one is not so new, taken last year, but this one (with the american flag) is taken today!

Revolutionary LOVE

Past week I've been to Soul Survivor... For the ones that don't know what Soul Survivor is; It's a christian event for (and to equip) young christian people...
The past week was amazing! I've learned so much about understanding God and about living your dream...
This year I decided to work for soul survivor, so I became a part of the videoteam. I had the honor to interview pastor Mike Pilavachi and worshipleader David Ruis.
There was a special service on fridaynight for volunteers, and after the main speech there was some time for the soulteam to pray for the volunteers. I have this strong desire to work for Passion or a church after college and because this is my last year I really have to figure out what I want to do next year. And because I have this desire of working for Passion or a church (and I don't know if this is also what God wants me to do) I went up to this girl who started praying for me....
On monday I had to interview David Ruis. But it was really hard to track him down, he is such a busy guy! LOL! On my way over to David I ran into Wesley Campbell (the author of 'Praying the Bible') he was talking with David (they are friends) I didn't know for sure if he was the author of 'Praying the Bible' so I asked him, to make sure he was. He said yes and so I said to him that I loved the book. He asked my name and I started to explain who I was, what I did, and that I had an interview with David. I also told him about my last year of college and my desire to volunteer at a church...he immediately said: you have to come and work for me! We need you! Wow I was surprised! But what about Passion?? Lol...I keep you updated! Much Love, Jacoline