USA trip 2006

I will be a campcounselor this summer but a few kids from my hometown will also visit Boothbay this summer, check the log that I've made for them....


gail said...

Hi Jacoline, I am the Mum of a son your age often see you posting on Louie's blog.I like to post and pray for their work. I saw that you were saying to him that being in London he was only one hour away from you.
Imagine how we feel down here in Melbourne, Australia. Louie is going to Sydney to speak at the Hillsong conference and we have not heard if he is coming to Melbourne . It doesn't sound as though he is .So near and yet so far!!!

I see that you would like to work for Passion or some Christian organization. Did you see on the Passion site they have a place where you can apply to them? It might be worth a try.

Have a great time in the US and I hope that you can get to see and hear Chis Tomlin. He is great but I am afraid that of the Passion 4 Matt Redman is my favourite. I would love to hear him live and worship with him. I love his "Facedown"DVD.

My son is going to Passion '07 as a delegate and I am going as a volunteer. We are so excited. It is 20 hours of flying ,not to mention airport time but we plan on having a great time. Rowan should have a great time with God and meet lots of new friends. He is studying civil engineering at University.

Well enjoy every minute at camp and keep posting on Louie's blog.

gail said...

Hi Jacoline, Great to hear back from you. Feel free to talk to any time or even e-mail me if you don't want the www. to know your business.Although I am the mother of someone your age I communicate very well with your generation and love them . We have lots of young people around our house as we have a large back porch they congregate on and a swimming pool so there is always something happening.I have also worked with mainly young people too.

You can contact Passion conferences via their address on their website. It is under About us.In the FAQ under Delve (I think) it talks about applying for work there. If you feel God leading you go for it!!!I'll pray for you

It's a shame we won't get to meet you this yearat Passion. Maybe if Rowan enjoys it he can go again next year!!!.

He is an only child and I am afreid that he gets spoiled as we are paying for all this trip. I believe that God will meet him in a big way at Passion and I am excited for him.

I know the young couple who run Soulsurvivor in Melbourne. Honestly i'd much rather go to those sort of events if there were any for oldies but they seem to think that if you are over 30 you don't have any spiritual passion. I am a very passionate Christian and I love all of the Passion and Soul survivor stuff. So enjoy all of it for me too.
Love gail

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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