The Starbucks update

Okay- I haven’t updated this blog for a while but of course I need to tell you all about my Dutch Starbucks experience. Let me tell you, it wasn’t sweet.
After I finally convinced my best friend that we should check out the Dutch Starbucks she approved and hit the road with me. We ended up at Schiphol airport, found out that there are two stores and one is located at the old Yum Yum (Asian Noodles) store. We were sad! WE LOVE YUM YUM. Anyway of course we were going to see the bigger store and so we ended up waiting there in line to get our coffee (Mocca, Mocca!!) and the yummy chocolate cake. Let me tell you: it was expensive! I know Starbucks is expensive but clearly it has always been the best overpriced coffee, but this was too overpriced. Not to mention that after drinking it and eating the chocolate cake we were both very nauseous of all the sugar. What did they throw in that stuff? A sugar can? So I’m disappointed about the Starbucks here in The Netherlands. I must admit that the next week I made up that disappointed in London. Many many Starbucks there! ;-)