Taking it to the streets

The Pentecost church overhere celebrated their 100 years existence last weekend and so they organised these two Hillsong United events. One at Dam square and the other one in the Olympic Stadium. In advance I've told many people about this event. I was really excited that we were actually going to evangelise with Hillsong United on Dam square in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a city full of drugs and prostitution and the idea of bringing God's glory to this city, well that is just AMAZING. A lot of churches in my little country started to pray for this event and also my youth group. We were all very excited about it and were expecting major things to happen here!!

Saturday, 15 september 2007
A lot of youth groups had meetings going on that morning to pray for the event and to fellowship with other christians.The first concert was at Dam square. It started at 1 pm. I was part of the videoteam. It was great to see Hillsong United lead worship at Dam square. Amsterdam is a crazy city, lots of drugs and prostitution going on there! And to see God show up in all the hearts of the people who attended the concert, well that was amazing! Also to see all those young people proclaiming God's Glory, that was just incredible!!

The second concert was at night in the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam. 30.000 people worshipping God... WOW. It was great to be part of it and to spend time with God and fellow christians.Because I had to work during the first concert I missed most of it and so being part of the second concert, well that was just amazing. I had two tickets, 1 front row ticket and the other one was somewhere in the way back. I choose the last one because I wanted to experience it fully and have some time with God. From the way back it was amazing to see all these people praising God loudly, singing & dancing. It seemed like God showed us a piece of Heaven. Can you imagine how it's going to be in Heaven?? I think it's going to be one big party for God eternally!! WOW

I don't know how many people responded to the call to Christ! I'm not very good with numbers but I do know that a lot of people have met Jesus that day!

This is what JTH from Hillsong United said about it:
"We headed for Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam. It's literally right in the centre of the city in front of the queen's palace. We had the incredible privilege of taking worship to the streets. There were thousands of people around on a perfect day. And we did what we do right there in the midst of it. We had church outdoors in the middle of one of the most secular and hedonistic cities in the world. Making it public!! An experience we'll no doubt ever forget. It was awesome watching people just listening to what was being said, and being captivated by all that was going on. Phil preached up a storm and a lot of people responded to the call to Christ.

As if that wasn't enough...We went from there to the Olympic stadium in Amsterdam (they hosted them in 1928). There were 30,000 people there in Amsterdam - Europe!! Who could imagine. And they were passionate, and loud.. And free.. It was a night to remember.. And I believe it was something significant for Holland and this part of Europe.We've seen crowds like that in South America, and elsewhere. But not in Europe. There is a hunger and a desire here for truth...for freedom...for something more than religion. And it was so very very GREAT to be able to be here and be a part of it."

Wow, JTH is so right! This was something significant for Holland!! Also a real boost for all the young people overhere! Every heart was on fire for Jesus that night! I really hope it stays that way. Please pray for Holland but esp for Europe. People overhere are so hungry and I hope and pray that people like us can shine and tell them about God's eternal love.


Yesterday I was travelling with public transportation to home. When I was sitting in the bus I noticed a familiar face. It was a guy I met last year. I remembered him because last year I thought he was nice looking. Tons of girls think the same thing, but they don't know the real him. So when I saw him I noticed there was this girl beside him. She was totally atracted to him, it made me laugh. Poor girl, if only she knew how he really is....

Then it hit me! Am I growing up? Am I able to judge about guys...? Do I see the real person behind the façade? I don't know, but I can't help but think about that girl. I hope she finds out soon!


Bitterness, Brokeness
Trying just to breathe
Open wounds, painful hearts
Living in a world of fear

The Lord is my strenght
He is my guide
He keeps me from harm
And watch over my life

Open arms, healing words
Sparkling eyes, make me understand
His everlasting sacrifice

The Lord is Your strenght
He is Your guide
He will keep you from harm
And watch over your life


Norwegian church in Holland

My little nephew started college!! I'm such a proud aunt and I feel so old:-)

Yes, Cornelis started college. He attends a college in Rotterdam and is planning on becoming a captain of a ship. It's a job that has been in our family since forever, so I wasn't really surprised.

Last week I had to go with him to his college to arrange a couple of things. Arrived in Rotterdam we took a tram to his college and we passed a weird looking building, so I looked at it and noticed that it was a Norwegian church. I immediately mentioned it to my nephew. He took a deep breath and said: how do you actually notice these kind of things? Because we had passed this church like a million times that day and we both didn't really see it until I noticed it... I really don't know! But I thought it was kind of cool that we have a Norwegian church here...

Sleep walking

Definition: Sleep walking is a disorder that occurs when a person walks or does another activity while they are still asleep.

Apparently I walk during my sleep... I once showered in the middle of the night and woke up when I turned on the shower...and apparently last night I sleep walked again.

My nephew is staying at my house and he plays these computer games all night...so at some point I opened the door of his room and yelled: "Please remove those smelly fish from my room."
He almost got a heart attack and said: what?! Then I replied: "oh...I thought there were fish in my room" and walked back to my room slammed the door and went back to bed...