One God. One Church. One Mission.

This weekend the One God. One Church. One mission-conference will start off in Katwijk. This is the first BIG conference a couple of my friends & people from church organised.
I helped out a tiny tiny bit & I'm looking forward to it.
Past week someone asked what religion is it protestant or catholic or is it another religion?
That just makes me so mad. Why do we need to put things in boxes??? So I replied... it's NONE. The conference isn't about religion.. It's about having a personal relationship with Jesus. Everytime I say things like that, people stare at me and give me some weird look thinking "that girl is nuts" but you know it's true! We are all God's people, ONE CHURCH. And it doesn't matter if you are poor, rich, ugly, pretty, protestant or are so worthy and so precious & God loves you no matter what!


Jolanda and I are going on a TRIP!!! On june 1st we are leaving for Paris.... on june 4th we are leaving for London with the Eurostar and on june 6th I'm leaving to go to Edinburgh, while Jolanda is heading home... It's going to be a BLAST. We both look forward to go. Also we are planning on going to Norway on june 30th for the Seaside festival. WE ARE EXCITED! :-)

Jesus Hold me

Have you ever had that feeling that you're not quite on the right frequency with God? I have.... I was just thinking about this last night. Sometimes it feels like I'm not quite tuned into the right frequency. I'm there but there's still some noise disturbing the signal. And sometimes it's just hard to turn that button into the right direction so that it will give me the right signal.

Maybe...that's life, we need to continue to make sure we are on the right frequency with God. So check your frequency and make sure there's no noise disturbing the signal between you & God.

Check Compass' new songs

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Irish memories

I was just surfing on facebook and came across a quote from Robin about the Ireland trip last month... Robin showed us around. On the day that I left we were having lunch in a pub.... the only pub in Ireland without an alcohol license!! haha...And Robin managed to find it without knowing. Brings back good memories...

Happy single awareness day

For most people this is single awareness day, like me. Although I don’t mind being single.
Of course my friends & family joke about it. “ Jac- when was your last boyfriend?” is what they ask frequently in a joking way. But for me it doesn’t matter how long I’m single. I enjoy being single, I’ve experienced bad relationships and I know what kind of guy I’m looking for. Someone with goals in life, dreams and above all one who loves God too. Yesterday something happened and it kind of made me realize that God’s timing is indeed perfect. Loving someone is not always fun, sometimes it can hurt too.. Thinking about that made me realize that I enjoy being single, how weird that might sound. I know God’s timing is perfect!


'Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.'

Natalee Holloway's case solved?

BIG NEWS. BIG news everywhere. Well at least in Holland and in the US. Dutch crime scene investigator Peter R. de Vries solved the Natalee Holloway case. Or at least he claims to. Last night his tv show had 7 million viewers in Holland. 7 million!! (Holland only has 16 million inhabitants)I was one of the viewers. In 2 hours Peter R. de Vries showed the viewers the confession of Joran on tape (filmed with hidden camera's )It was shocking to see Joran talk about it with no regret. Is this a new breakthrough in the Holloway case?! I sure hope so. Only with no evidence they still can't send Joran to prison. Hopefully this case is solved soon!!