One God. One Church. One Mission.

This weekend the One God. One Church. One mission-conference will start off in Katwijk. This is the first BIG conference a couple of my friends & people from church organised.
I helped out a tiny tiny bit & I'm looking forward to it.
Past week someone asked what religion is it protestant or catholic or is it another religion?
That just makes me so mad. Why do we need to put things in boxes??? So I replied... it's NONE. The conference isn't about religion.. It's about having a personal relationship with Jesus. Everytime I say things like that, people stare at me and give me some weird look thinking "that girl is nuts" but you know it's true! We are all God's people, ONE CHURCH. And it doesn't matter if you are poor, rich, ugly, pretty, protestant or are so worthy and so precious & God loves you no matter what!

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Ashley said...

PREACH IT GIRL!! I totally agree. We are called to be a unified BODY OF CHRIST. :) I think all Christians have the fundamental thing down - the relationship with Christ. All the other things that people argue over isn't really ours to argue. It should be about God and not who is right and who is wrong. You know?! I love you girl and keep fighting the good fight!! :-D