Ready, go!

Recently I've made the decision to open up a new website. In a few weeks I will start with building httP:// I'm also planning to host my blog there.

An update about me:

Things are going really well. I now work at as web editor for EO (an evangelical national broadcast company in The Netherlands) I love it there! It's a freelance position but for now I've got plenty of work. I'm busy with work, but I love it. Life is pretty simple at the moment. But I'm loving every minute of it.

This week I will be going to London. In London I will be volunteering for Passion London (May 14th &15th). Passion is a christian student ministry. This is my 4th Passion conference and my first time as a volunteer. I'm excited! I'm praying that God will move almighty in everyone's heart during the conference (and beyond!)

The next update will be when I finished my new blog!