Safin lost....

And now I'm sad:-( ...LOL

Our own little christian world...

For the past few days I have been wondering and thinking about what you should do and what you shouldn't do as a christian. Do you have to follow rules and act like a good christian or just live your life & do whatever you want to do.... Do you have to stay in your own safe circle of christian friends or is it better not to? If I look around me a lot of my christian friends & family members are coming up with rules. But did God & Jesus really intend those rules? Isn't it all about having a relationship with Jesus? And shouldn't you be out there in the world and see what's out there, but not belonging to the world? I find it hard....I talked about it with a friend of mine and she came up with the story about the firstborn children in Egypt. She heard this story during a churchservice, I would like to share it with you. This story is part fictional and part non-fictional:
  • During the time the Hebrews were in Egypt and were slaves for the Pharaoh of Egypt. God told Moses what he intended to do to get the Hebrews out of Egypt. There were several plagues and one of them was that all the firstborn children were destroyed. God told Moses what the Hebrews would need to do if they did not want their firstborn destroyed. God said that they were to consider a certain day as the beginning of the first month of their year. The first month of our year is January, but the first month of the Jewish year is called Nisan, and it is in the springtime.
    On the tenth day of that first month every family of the Hebrews was to take a young sheep, or lamb, and keep it until the fourteenth day. Just as the sun was going down on the fourteenth day they were to kill these lambs, and the blood was to be sprinkled on the doorposts of their houses and over the tops of the doors. That night they were to roast the lambs and the families were to eat them during the night.
    If a family was small and couldn't eat a whole Iamb in one night, then the family next door could be their guests, and in that way one lamb would do for two families.
    None of that lamb was to be left until the morning. If they couldn't eat it all, then what was left over was to be burned inside the house.
    While they were eating the lamb, the Hebrews were to be dressed, all ready to leave Egypt, for God knew that the next morning Pharaoh, the king, would insist they must leave right away.
    That night when the power of God destroyed all the firstborn of Egypt, wherever the blood of the lamb was found on the doorposts of the houses, the firstborn child in that house was not destroyed.
  • It happened to be that a man, who thought he was very religious and lived in God's law didn't listen to Moses orders from God and didn't sprinkle the blood on his doorpost...His firstborn was killed... But his neighbor, who was a sinner and didn't act like God's law, listened to Moses and obeyed God's commands and his firstborn was saved.
  • Now the question is: How could God not safe the firstborn of this man who believed in him and obeyed to His law ? And why did he safe the firstborn of that other man?
The answer is that we are all sinners, although we might try to be good christians we always sin no matter what... That man who was a big sinner he listened to God and obeyed his command! Although he didn't live and obeyed God laws all the time he did listen to God in a crucial moment. Sometimes we are so caught up in our own little world, with our own christian friends and our own christian dvd collection, cd's and books, and sometimes we just don't hear God speaking to us! I don't say we all need to sin more because it doesn't matter what we do or how we act, it does! We are called to love, like Jesus said in John 15:17 This is my command: Love each other. We should live for Jesus, live like him and have a relationship with him. But we must be aware of the fact that we don't start to become isolated from the world and be caught up in our own little safe christian world because well...we might miss a crucial moment!

Safin vs. Federer

I have been watching Wimbledon these past few days. I love tennis and I would love to go to one of those grand slam tournaments in the future. My ultimate wish would be the French Open, but would love to go to Wimbledon, the Australian Open & US open as well... Anyway today i found out that my favorite tennisplayer (Marat Safin) is going to play against Roger Federer in the 3rd round...
You all know what that means...or not! Federer is one of the best tennisplayers in the world. He's practically unbeatable...So when I found out that Safin had to play Federer.. I was very disappointed. Because I don't want Safin to lose. Don't get me wrong, Safin is an amazing tennisplayer, one of the greatest of this era. He can definitely beat Federer, as the matter of fact he did beat him a couple of times on hard court, grass..well that is a totally different story. But somehow I really hope & believe Safin is going to win! I've said it before, I like Safin better... Why? Well not only is Safin a great tennisplayer, he is a very nice & down to earth guy! I've met him twice (5 years ago) and he was just amazing, Federer is a whole different story..he is so focused on his game and not focused on his fans...he just walks past you..I thought that was kind of rude!
Not only that, this week I found out that the cow he got from his country when he won Wimbledon is slaughtered because the cow did not produce enough milk...HOW SAD!

Is it wrong to like a tennisplayer because of his personality??? ;-)


The weather overhere has been a bit depressing. It has been raining and raining non-stop. I don't mind because I like to sit on the couch and watch television while it's dark & raining outside. But there's nothing to watch on the television lately. i don't understand what people are watching these days...It seems like there's no normal tv program left. I don't like soap opera's because they are most of the time so fake and unreal.. I mean,..come you really believe that some woman has had every single guy from one family...that's just not realistic...
Not to mention all those reality tv programs...I really don't find it interesting how people live as millionairs in a mansion...
Oprah has gone new age... all those tell-sell commercials are driving me nuts and not to forget all those re-runs...
So every week I'm looking forward to thursday evening...when I can watch my all time favorite: CSI New York! Yup...that might be fake too, but at least it's interesting!


Lately I've been using this blog a lot for posting songs, lyrics and quotes I like...Here's another song I've been listening to over the past few days...I love the lyrics!

"Revolution" by Starfield

If I'm here all alone
If I'm left behind
If they spit in my face
If they hate my kind

I will rise above
I will live for love
I will answer to the call
For the bond between
For the depth unseen
For my God forsake it all

'Cause I'm a fire
I'm a flood
I'm a revolution
I am a war
Already won
I'm a revolution

When the world is at war
When the grace is gone
When the hungry lay dead
While the rich live on

I will rise above
I will live for love
I will answer to the call
For the bond between
For a depth unseen
For my God forsake it all

(Here I stand)Open hands
Waiting for You
I won't back down
I'll live to speak Your truth

Rev. Run

I found this in my inbox today and I wanted to share it with you:
Good morning. Replaying past triumphs and victories in your mind is a powerful way to motivate yourself.. Keep your trophies and victories in your face.... Staying encouraged is a full time job! On the other hand,be careful having conversations and associations with people who provoke painful memories. Stay away from dream killers and nay sayers... Protect your mind!!!!! (Remember!!!) You will always move in the direction of your strongest and most dominate thought! Stay encouraged!!!!! God is Love Rev Run

Kelly Family

Don't start laughing!! I just love 'em, they have been one of the bands I grew up listening to. I was a BIG fan, I collected everything! The walls in my room were covered with Kelly Family posters and I had a huge crush on Paddy Kelly...haha...that was 12 years ago... The Kelly family has shrunk in size... Paddy left the group to go into a monastery...:-( haha...but next week they'll be in Holland again and of course we (Marianne & I) are going to one of their concerts! We're gonnaPARTY! :-) Can't wait...

Change it up a little

wow, after reading my past messages, well I kind of came to the conclusion that this has been a bit of a sad blog, so I'm going to catch up this summer and change this whole thing:-P