Safin vs. Federer

I have been watching Wimbledon these past few days. I love tennis and I would love to go to one of those grand slam tournaments in the future. My ultimate wish would be the French Open, but would love to go to Wimbledon, the Australian Open & US open as well... Anyway today i found out that my favorite tennisplayer (Marat Safin) is going to play against Roger Federer in the 3rd round...
You all know what that means...or not! Federer is one of the best tennisplayers in the world. He's practically unbeatable...So when I found out that Safin had to play Federer.. I was very disappointed. Because I don't want Safin to lose. Don't get me wrong, Safin is an amazing tennisplayer, one of the greatest of this era. He can definitely beat Federer, as the matter of fact he did beat him a couple of times on hard court, grass..well that is a totally different story. But somehow I really hope & believe Safin is going to win! I've said it before, I like Safin better... Why? Well not only is Safin a great tennisplayer, he is a very nice & down to earth guy! I've met him twice (5 years ago) and he was just amazing, Federer is a whole different story..he is so focused on his game and not focused on his fans...he just walks past you..I thought that was kind of rude!
Not only that, this week I found out that the cow he got from his country when he won Wimbledon is slaughtered because the cow did not produce enough milk...HOW SAD!

Is it wrong to like a tennisplayer because of his personality??? ;-)

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