So, finally the overpriced best coffee in the entire world is opening a store in Holland!! Well I must admit...we already had one behind customs at the airport but not accessible for people who don't have an airplane ticket... Now, at last store 2 is being opened! This one is also located at the airport but before customs! YEAH! I finally can get my tall coffee Mocca with whipped cream in Holland! I'm so excited about this, you wouldn't know...

I really don't understand why we are one of the last countries in the entire world to have a Starbucks.. Dutch people LOVE coffee. Not to mention that the factory of Starbucks is situated in......AMSTERDAM. Did you know that Amsterdam is in Holland?? !!And we didn't even have or own Starbucks store...go figure! Anyway November 15th is D-day!

Boston- memories

Boston...I miss being in Boston. Was just thinking about that today. 3 weeks ago I was walking around downtown Boston with Jen. We visited this church (Trinity Church) for all your ' National Treasure' -fans... Yes it's in the movie besides the Trinity Church in New York city (which I have visited too;-)) Both churches are amazing. But must admit that I thought the Boston one looked so much more older...and smelled older too ;-) It's always great to visit a church and think about the fact that God has been worshipped in this place for many many many years. It makes you realise how great and amazing God's kingdom is...


I got braces today! OUGH! I had them twice before. But somehow my teeth won't stay straight, hehe... So them again. I feel like I'm 14 again.... :-)

My roommates think I look like a teenager...THANKS! ;-)

I hate it, but it's either this or awful teeth (1 corner tooth caused a lot of pain..)

Anyway there are worst things in life. So the next time you see me, I'll give you my iron smile;-)