Amazing weekend!

I had an amazing weekend! On saturday I went together with my friend Mark to see a movie called Poseidon! One word: Spectaculair! One negative aspect....I had nightmares the whole following night! LOL
On sunday a friend of mine was being baptised:

It was great to see her again and to be in her church! See also invited a few friends from soul survivor and so it was one big reunion! It was great to see them all again! After church we drove to the showgrounds of Walibi World, a theme park. We went to Opwekking. Opwekking (Revival) is a christian annual event, that was going on that weekend. It was my first time there, it was great to be there and to see so many people singing along to worship songs, WOW! It was packed! Too crowded for me, so we decided pretty quick to go and find a place where we could sit and relax. I was talking to some friends that I know from SoulSurvivor: Edwin and Jakoliza, they are a couple. And at some point they asked me if I was still single...they obviously knew the answer, but still I replied that I was single. And they both said: well we don't think that is going to last long! So I bursted out into laughing...and replied that I really didn't care...that morning in church there was this guy who walked up to the front and he had a word (or in this case a bible verse) for all of us...and he said: For everything there is a time! There's a time to get to know my next boyfriend maybe I already know him maybe I don't...but I guess it's just not the right time right now...and to be very honest...I don't care...there are so many things that God has in mind for me, so many things that are going to happen this summer... so I'm thankful to God for my life right now!

So still less than 3 weeks to go before I actually leave for Boston! I'm very excited, that's all I can say right now...!!


GiUsY said...

Compliments for the blog!
Be a very nice girl!
: -)
How beautiful to see that google is known all over the world!
I am an Italian girl!
So many kisses
: -)

Els said...

Hi girl!!
Echt super bedankt en super cool en ubergaaf dat je op mijn doopdienst was! Het was goed om je weer te zien! :D
Mmm nu je dit geschreven hebt, komt er maar 1 naam in mij op... mm vraag maar via msn ;)
Freek had een duidelijke boodschap ja, en ik kwam er gisteravond achter n.a.v. telefoongesprek met vriendin dat de boodschap toch wel degelijk voor mij was..
Eej girl, ik hoop je voor Boston nog te zien, laat je je uitzegenen o.i.d.?
Hele dikke knuff en hou van je meis! Je bent bijzonder!
Liefs en hug Els

Anonymous said...

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