You lose a friend, you win one

Why are friends friends if they sometimes just suck!?! Maybe this is a little bit harsh but sometimes it makes me wonder why things aren't the way they should be regarding friends. I'm blessed that I have friends! And with most of them I became friends in primary school.
I have my own opinion but I just hate fights! I try to prevent fights all the time...Having a fight with a friend about something stupid reminds me of the years that I couldn't get along with my parents. And those years were awful!
So I can truly say that I don't argue with my friends and don't want to get in a fight with them. But there's always one particular group of friends that just can't help it but there's always something going on there! And sometimes I question myself if that is just normal and why I'm still friends with them...But I just cqn't give them up...My mom always says: "Sometimes you lose a friends and sometimes you win one"...maybe that's just the way of life! And I, I have to get used to that!

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