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Past week I've been to Soul Survivor... For the ones that don't know what Soul Survivor is; It's a christian event for (and to equip) young christian people...
The past week was amazing! I've learned so much about understanding God and about living your dream...
This year I decided to work for soul survivor, so I became a part of the videoteam. I had the honor to interview pastor Mike Pilavachi and worshipleader David Ruis.
There was a special service on fridaynight for volunteers, and after the main speech there was some time for the soulteam to pray for the volunteers. I have this strong desire to work for Passion or a church after college and because this is my last year I really have to figure out what I want to do next year. And because I have this desire of working for Passion or a church (and I don't know if this is also what God wants me to do) I went up to this girl who started praying for me....
On monday I had to interview David Ruis. But it was really hard to track him down, he is such a busy guy! LOL! On my way over to David I ran into Wesley Campbell (the author of 'Praying the Bible') he was talking with David (they are friends) I didn't know for sure if he was the author of 'Praying the Bible' so I asked him, to make sure he was. He said yes and so I said to him that I loved the book. He asked my name and I started to explain who I was, what I did, and that I had an interview with David. I also told him about my last year of college and my desire to volunteer at a church...he immediately said: you have to come and work for me! We need you! Wow I was surprised! But what about Passion?? Lol...I keep you updated! Much Love, Jacoline


Els said...

eej girl!
het was coolzz!!
voeg me ff toe op msn ofzo ;)
staat wel in mijn profiel van sosu forum!

Tot sprekens snel!!

En het was zekers gaaf :D
Knuff Els

Anonymous said...

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