New application

Blogger has a new application! I now can post messages by sending an e-mail or a text message to my blogger account. It's pretty interesting and also very easy. Now I can blog wherever I want to blog! Yes!

On another note...I failed on my driving test. I hate it but I already expected it. My next test will be somewhere in the end of May, so there's enough time to practice!
Other than that, things are going well. I'm still looking for a job but there are a few possibilities coming up. I'm also going to be an aunt again (number 17 is on its way) :-). And in a few weeks Jeroen and I are together for 1 year! Time flies by when you are having a blast!


Sarah said...

Sorry about the driving test, but congrats on everything else!

I keep thinking about our plans to come visit. Do you think coming up on a Friday evening and leaving on a Sunday is too short of a trip? Should we wait until we can come up on a Friday morning and leave on a Monday?

Kendra said...

Hey, lady. Keep practicing at your driving test. After college, I moved to a new state and had to retest. I left work over lunch, failed the test, and had to go back to work. Of course everyone was asking about my liscense test. Ha! I can't believe I failed it, but it was the written part. Really, people. Who is going to calculate the stopping distance for a ten ton vehicle on wet pavement---in their head while driving. Geesh!