Driver license

The day has just started and the sun is out and shining bright! I love the fact that it’s almost spring. That means that summer is on its way too and that I can hit the beach in a couple of months! That’s the nicest part of having a beach right near your house, when you have time you can always go and you don’t have to travel far. At the moment I’m still looking for a job. It’s frustrating because I know what I want and know where I can get that job but for some reason they never invite me for a job interview.

My first driving lesson starts in one week. I’m planning on getting my driver license in 2 weeks. It’s a very ambitious plan, especially because you need to have at least 30 or 35 lessons to be a reasonable driver but I’ve booked all my lessons in two weeks time so we’ll see how it goes. I’m 24 and I really need a driver license! Not to mention that the age in The Netherlands for driving is 18 and that I could have got my license way earlier but the costs have kept me back. Right now I’ve paid 1971 euro’s for lessons and the final test. It's almost 2000 euro’s! Which is 2532,60 dollars! I have to pass otherwise it will cost an additional 500 euro's. It’s crazy. I could have gone off to the US to get it there but then they won’t let m drive in The Netherlands, so there was no choice.

This week I’m heading to Belgium. One of my friends does an internship in Genk and so I’ll be visiting her on Thursday and Friday. Belgium is a whole other country than The Netherlands, but they speak Dutch too and so I don’t really see it as going to another country plus it costs me 3 euro’s to get there. I do look forward to be somewhere else for a day.
Other than that I’m working fulltime for my dad at the moment. He has his own company and advises other companies in technical installations. I’m doing the administrative side of it. He’s off to Frankfurt on Thursday so I’m glad I will have the rest of the week ‘off’.


Sarah said...

Good luck on your driving lessons and test! The good thing about a driver's license being so expensive is that I think it produces better drivers. Drivers in the States are CRAZY.

I'm glad the sun is out there. It's been cloudy and rainy here for days and days, which isn't so great since my parents are here visiting.

That's a great deal that it only costs 3 Euros to visit your friend in Belgium. How far is their town from yours?

Electroluminescence. said...

i'll be praying that your driving test goes well!!!!
you can do it! :]
i am in the same situation & searching for a job! frustration! i'll pray for you too since I feel your pain!

p.s. i'm ten minutes from the beach and can't WAIT until it's warm enough to be there everyday too! eeek!


Librarian or Teacher said...

Hi, I found your blog on the MckMama College Age Reader's Discussion Board. Sounds like you have a lot of things happening!