An awful experience...LOL:

Soul Survivor UK= great but the showers were awful!! I have this habit of showering every day, it's a bad habit, I know, but I have to end the day with a warm shower...but at Soul Survivor I showered every morning, my airbed was new and had a really bad smell...LOL, so when I woke up every morning I ran to the showers to get rid of that awful smell. But as I said the showers were awful, not to mention that there were only a few showers and that 80% of the showers were with cold water. Showering in freezing cold water in the morning is not the most enjoying thing in life. So after the first day I decided to go to the warm showers. Only after 7 am every morning it was so crowded that you had to wait for at least 1,5 hour to get a warm shower. And I didn't want to be late for the morning I decided to take a shower at 5:30 am....I' m the kind of person who always wants to sleep in so you can imagine what I looked like at 5:30 am in the morning, It looked like I was walking in my sleep. So one morning when I was in the shower I thought to myself: what an awful smell !! The showers were near the toilets but that particular building smelled AWFUL! While I was thinking about the smell I heard voices that sounded not like female then I concluded that I was showering in the toilet/shower building of the males....OH OH!!! So I dressed myself very quickly and tried to leave the building as soon as possible...unfortunately I couldn't avoid the guys that were waiting to get into the shower after me....They looked at me if I was some sort of alien..hahaha...and one guy realised that I was a girl so he started laughing and said: you molester! Hahaha....I never felt so ashamed in my entire life..haha...But I must say: the men toilets are AWFUL! :-D

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Michie said...


Ik kwam laatst een berichie van je tegen haha. Leuke blog heb je en dat in vol-Engels. Ik was ook in de UK deze zomer, zat op PFYN en wkB. Volgend jaar ga ik weer :D

BTW, ben je familie van Myrthe ?

Blessings !!