There must be more....

Credits picture: Dennis Vooijs

Past weekend I went to a youth weekend of the church that I normally go to. Haven’t been there lately because of my intern and of the fact that I’m not home that much.But anyway In the first place I didn’t want to go to the weekend because I need my weekends to sleep in and to relax because of the crazy weeks I’m having at my internship. But several people told me to go. At least 3 people said to me that I had to go, and still I had my doubts. Then I had a dream, I dreamt about the youth weekend… Very strange….Anyway I decided to go despite my worries of being tired and not knowing a lot of people. I can say right now that it was an awesome weekend. I have so much energy right now, while I am so tired. Haven’t slept much because I was in a room with 4 other girls and some guys decided to visit us in the middle of the night…They stayed for over 1 hour, and then they (luckily) left. I over thought a lot of things this weekend. I growth so much in my relationship with God. And I experience Him in so many aspects of my life. But still our relationship with God will never stop growing, it’s a continually process. I’m not always that close to God: Ik mis je is a great TV program but there’s just so much grieve. And I can handle it, but still I don’t understand why some people have to die so early.

I’ve growth so much as a person over the past months by working for that TV program. I love the stories that people tell about a loved one that died, those stories are full of love an d affection for that person, it’s so beautiful. And it’s beautiful how people can feel that God is part of their life and that He’s the shoulder to cry on. Amazing!


Dennis said...

He Jaq,

Gaaf om je "post" te lezen op mijn space. Ik word altijd erg enthousiast als God zulke gave dingen doet in het leven van mensen. Keep it up with reaching your hand to Him, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!

Groetjes, Dennis

P.S. Indrukwekkende foto ... ;-)

Arie Bassie said...

There must be more indeed. There is more in this world.

Kicken van die droom btw! Zie je nou dat je moest komen :P