Unfortunately I can't go, but if you can: just go!

Isaiah 26:8-Yes, walking in the way of your judgments, Lord, have we waited for you. Your name and your renown are the desire of our soul.

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gail said...

Jacoline, a friend in the US has put the icon on my blog along with some important links!!!

I am going to post a blog about going to Atlanta. I thought that I would do it today but I get onto a blog with 8 other C.T. and Passion
enthusiasts and we all post and chat. We have been doing so for 4 hours now and they have all gone to bed. We are 15 hours ahead down here and so it is mid afternoon of the next day. We are having our Pastor and wife who are friends over for dinner. He went to Hillsong. Do you know of that?? We will hear all about it. I have him sold on Louie Giglio and give him my louie DVD's so he went really just to hear Louie. He actually met him so that was a highlight for him. God spoke to him too through what Louie said.

Since you talk about Soul Survivor I was wondering if the Aussie Survivor wants any older volunteers in their office or to help out at the summer gatherings. I may call them.