So here I am doing all these kind of tests on the internet, try some yourself. Go to:

Some of my outcomes:
- I'm 50% American:
America: You don't love it or want to leave it.But you wouldn't mind giving it an extreme make over.On the 4th of July, you'll fly a freak flag instead...And give Uncle Sam a sucker punch!

-I'll die when I'm 82

-In my past life I was a Jaquar (the animal)

-My Mexican Name is: Doña Dominga

-I belong in Dublin

-My 1920's name is: Violette Bobbie

-If I was Born in 2893... my name would be Vuis Vovv and I would be half Alien

-in Highschool I was the athletic kid (yeah right!)

-In should spend my summer in the city (does New York counts for this summer??)

-I'm a Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving

-Maroon 5 Shares My Taste in Music (finally something that is right!)

-In weather I am Rain...

So.....this is what i did the past hour;-)


Zanne said...

They are fun to do but such a time waster!!!
I asked about Beugen because that is where we went to Bible college it is an international college and loves having visitors if you ever wanted to pop in!
tot ziens

Silke said...

Hey, Jackie!

Got your blogs the other day... I've been such a blog-slacker! Work has been rather overwhelming; and all my friends are having "growing-up" issues that are causing me to grow up (with pains) even more. So, much to deal with and learn in my own little life has left little time for being online and just enjoying some fun company. I'm also "aiming" for P'08 and '09 and '10, but who knows if these people will grant me vacation during the right times? We'll see...

Take care,


Ineke's journey said...

Whahaha!!! You've gotta be really really bored...why don't you get over here and take care of Marieke and I? We're both real busy with our internships and too worn out to cook. So we can heal your boredom :D