Hillsong Concert

Yesterday I was at a Hillsong concert. I had heard about the Hillsong church but never really listened to the music until yesterday. The concert was so amazing, one of the things that I really liked was that it wasn't about Hillsong, it was all about God! You can see a shift in christian artists nowadays, there are only a few artists who put God in the center of it all. This was my second major concert where I experienced this. My first time was this summer @ Soulfest.

It makes me curious how those artists and their bandmembers handle the pressure of making an music album that sells but also an album to proclaim God's glory, can those two go together? Should we sell christian merchandise, and how far should we go with this? I like buying a good christian book or a good christian cd. And of course you can find a christian artist good looking, but you need to draw the line for yourself, you are not adoring him but it has to be about God. We are all made with an empty hole in our heart, a hunger for something, a hunger to worship. Louie Giglio said something about this in his book 'the air I breathe'. Every human being has a desire to worship, some worship famous artists or sports people, other worship money. We are all on the search for something more powerful than us. An example of this is that everybody wants to know why we are on this earth, and how we are created. People come up with evolution theories but they just don't understand that there's a God Who's so much more powerful than us! Even as a christian you can't understand it, we can only proclaim it!!

The concert made me think about my life. Sometimes I'm so caught up in my own issues. I don't feel like a perfect christian, and I am definitely not a perfect christian although I'm trying to follow God in everything I do. But sometimes I feel so lonely..esp. in my path to follow Jesus. Also I feel lonely in a way that I sometimes just need somebody. Around me I see all those people getting married or having this long term relationships, and until now I've failed in relationships...of course I'm still young and I have plenty of time, and I definitely don't want to get married yet, but if I look around me, it sometimes makes me lonely and sometimes I just see myself as one big failure..nothing is going the way I want it to go. But you see, the beauty of this all is that God doesn't see me as one big failure. Hard to imagine but He loves us unconditionally. And although I don't see it always that clear, He is around us and He guides us through our everything. I believe that everything has its purpose and God helps us to get through it! Beautiful to think about that!


Ineke's journey said...

Neat... so which of the little mini-people is Darlene Zech?

Toni said...

Amen!! ;)