Bike trip mania

I’m part of the international committee of the YMCA in Katwijk. YMCA Katwijk has a partnership with YMCA Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Every two years we organise a trip. This year we organised a bike trip in Holland for Dutch and American kids. In 2010 we are going back to Boothbay.

At the moment there’s a group of 6 American kids and two adults here in my hometown. We had planned to take them on two bike trips: one to Otterlo and the other one to Amsterdam. Last weekend we went to Amsterdam. We left on Saturday and came back yesterday.

Our first stop was camping “Amsterdamse Bos”.
Being Dutch and living here in Holland I experienced loads of camping spots here and I can truly say that this is the worst camping EVER! Never go there!!! The owner is extremely rude and there’s continually people smoking pot on the camping site. I don’t care if you want to smoke pot but please don’t do it in a kitchen where everybody is cooking. Later I found out that the kitchen was the only place where you could smoke. Ughhh. We visited this camping 4 years ago and everything was all right back then...but probably much changed in 4 years time. The camping experience ruined our trip for a bit but luckily we still had loads of fun. On Sunday the group visited the Muiderslot castle. On Monday we went to Amsterdam to do some sightseeing. We visited the Amsterdam Dungeon. Which was an awesome place, we had fun! Also we took the group to the Anne Frank house and on a boat ride through the canals. It was amazing. On Tuesday we headed for Spaarnwoude. There we stayed at camping “Houtrak” This was an amazing camping site and the owner was great! We came back yesterday and were all pretty tired. The American group is leaving Friday, unfortunately! But I think we can look back to a wonderful three weeks.

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