My best friend is getting married!!! Yes! Her boyfriend proposed to her yesterday.

Without knowing it I saw the proposal. I was cycling down the boulevard when I saw a small airplane with a huge banner flying over the beach. I couldn’t read the sign because (obviously) I’m blind without glasses on.
She called me later that evening to tell me the news. It’s amazing! I’m so happy for them!!!

My roommate is getting married too!! Her boyfriend proposed to her 4 weeks ago!!

A LOT of marriages next year ;-) Congrats to both couples!


electroluminescence said...

that's super exciting!! yay!

aaaand i adore phil wickham too.
but we've already discussed that! :]

Fiona said...

Congratulations to Yolanda!!! Please send her my best wishes....oh actually maybe I can add her on FB (if she's there!) :)