not a reli-blog

I don't want this thing to turn into a reli-blog, if you know what i mean, but I just love putting my thoughts up here....

I've been very busy past month, as usual...haha, but in a good way..
Anyway I've been to a show of the blue man group. Three blue man, who are funny and weird. The show is a mix between comedy, rockconcert, science and light effects. It's an amazing show.
I'm doing this ministry course at Soul Survivor Holland, which has been quite interesting till sofar
I colored my hair brown turned out a little bit more greenish, than I expected..oh well...I still remember the time that my hair turned out orange. My dad thought it was quite amusing and begin to sing the national anthem (orange is the color of my country) The only thing I could do was cry...LOL
So besides that I've basically worked a lot, and one new thing: I'm going back to college in january to finally start the whole graduating process...Yippie for me?! haha

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year! xxx

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