Passion 2007!!

Happy new year to all!!!

I have been praying and wishing and hoping that God would give me the opportunity to go to Atlanta to be at the Passion conference on jan 1-4 2007! Unfortunately I had to stay home, but God did answer my prayers and I was able to watch most sessions online!My blogfriends Donna, Gail, Jess, Kim, Silke and Lisa were able to go! All were volunteers! And I thank them for letting the ones that stayed home know how things were going! Thank you guys! I found something on the 268blog that I wanted to share...Favorite Passion 07 moments! Those moments are definitelt the heighlight for me:-) All honor goes to:
tired volunteers, Donna, Gail, Jess, Kim, and Silke and to Miranda (FoG) for the pic:-)

Favorite P'07 Moments:

* everyone getting on their knees to pray (in an arena with not so flexible seats)

* the visualization in our minds of the Throne of God (thank YOU, FATHER, for Francis, this picture has been on my mind since)

* Matt's "Praise the Lord and Chris is short" (why does Matt win every time? :)

*"Matt Redman cannot change strings on a guitar; he says it's an honor for other people to change his strings on his guitars."-Chris Tomlin

*"Glorious, gutsy guilt"(Piper)

* Charlie's opening night, leading us in worship THROUGH past hurts, pains, stolen things, and lack of approval

*the cut of the Amarillius - it cut deeply.

* watching 24000 walking around in complete silence

* WAITING for God when there was nothing to do

* Beth asking us to "put our tape-measures away" because we know who we are in Christ (Yeah!)

* Global awakening...

* many many new songs about broken lives being fixed, and ourselves being rescued... oh, and better than just the repair jobs... the fact that despite our brokenness we SHINE

* Travis' drumstick breaking and flying off stage, and to the lyrics of "'Cause I know that You're alive/You came to fix my broken life" and realizing that not any human can fix a broken drumstick, really. Yet God fixes broken lives, hearts... and drumsticks with ease.

In 2008 Passion hopes to go abroad...there won't be a conference but there will be Passion:-) I'm excited!


Kimmer said...

Hey Jackie
great passion post!
love the pic heehee

gail said...

Jackie, do you realiae that we wrote that bit on Louie's blog about Travis" broken drumstick. One of the shorter blogettes actually wanted to souvenir it but was too slow!!!