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Sarah said...

So I just now saw your comment...I'm not sure where my blog comment alerts are going, because apparently I've missed a few. Anyway, I'll be sure to check out your blog now that I know you have one. Thanks for the heads up on that band. My ancestors are indeed from Norway :o)

By the way, I'm coming to Germany (for 2.5 months) in the beginning of November!!

Kendra said...

I was in the seminary library. Complete silence. Reading a couple of your past bloggrings. I was on the birthmark removal one and out of nowhere let out a loud first laugh when you wrote that the intern passed out. I'm so sorry that it was an uncomfortable experience, and the intern's reaction made the incident 10 times worse.

I tried so hard to stifle my laughter being that my surroundings were so stoic. The initial outburst just didn't get caught before it disturbed the peace. It surprised even me.

That intern better rethink medicine or get acquainted with more surgeries!