The Flevo Festival rocked. This year: again part of the web team. I worked my butt off, so unfortunately I couldn’t really enjoy much music but I did get to see a few bands! My list of interviews was very satisfying this time around. On Thursday I had an interview with a band called Starfield. I must admit I like their music a lot so I was pretty stoked about this interview. Unfortunately it was cancelled due some delay. But I was able to go to the press conference. Then on Friday I had Tim Hughes and Fireflight. Tim Hughes was great. It was a short interview but I had the chance to ask him about his writing process and just about his life as worship leader. He’s a great guy. Then in the afternoon a band called Fireflight. Never heard of them but supposedly they have written the title song for a TV-show called Bionic Woman. I think you can compare them with the band Paramore. Pretty solid Christian rock music
Then on Saturday I got to interview four guys from Chicago: Flatfoot 56. A punk rock band. They were really nice and seriously even though people asked them the same questions over and over again they were not bored at all. Their concert was pretty awesome too. Not my kind of music but they know how to play! We had fun watching them.

So highlights of the festival: I think New World Son was definitely rocking the stage. I liked Tim Hughes, although it seemed like he played his set list and then noticed there was still time left so he started his set list again. I loved Starfield. Oh and definitely watching Flatfoot 56 made my whole week. I’m sad that I missed Philippa Hanna. There was less worship music this year, understandable because it is a Christian rock festival but it would have been cool to see Chris Tomlin again up on main stage.

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