How can something as Passion get so big???

At the moment I’m working on my dissertation about Christian youth movements in the USA. I hope to finish my journalism studies by the end of this year. I’m esp. looking into Passion conferences and their growth over the past few years. Marketing strategies etc.

So if any of you can tell me a bit about:
-the history of Christian youth movements in the USA
-the percentage of Christian young people in the US (is it growing?)
-do more young people attend Christian concerts/ conferences now than they used to?
-the history of worship leaders, is this a modern thing?
-how can something as Passion get so big in the US?

Please let me know! I’ve done my research but I would like to know MORE!
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Kendra said...

Barna is a church specific research/trend watcher. Might help!

Anonymous said...

Passion does a great work. They have had a lot of purpose behind how they have grown, and they also have had amazing songs and leaders to build with. Enjoy your studies.