Hello Love!

Walking into a christian bookstore you can't miss Chris Tomlin's latest cd 'Hello Love'. The big letters of the word 'Love' draw your attention. Following his 2006 RIAA Gold-certified record, See the Morning, Tomlin's latest project communicates what he describes as the "need to introduce ourselves to love again." Produced by Ed Cash (Steven Curtis Chapman, Starfield, Bethany Dillon), Hello Love gives the Church a voice to worship their Creator.

'Sing, Sing, Sing' is one of the songs that can be described as a happy sing-a-long song. You can't sit still and just have to sing and jump along. Although the song will be live on stage better that on a n album 'Sing, Sing, Sing' is a good start for this new album.
When Tomlin was playing at a concert in Belfast, Nothern-Ireland he came across Bluetree's song 'God of this city'. The chorus particularly was strong 'You'r the God of this city, You're the God of this nation' and so he decided to introduce it at Passion conferences. A christian youth movement he's involved in. Since, this song has been igniting university students around the world to live for the name and renown of Jesus.

The title track 'Love' is sung with the Watoto Children's Choir, This timeless song about love. could be played on secular radiostation's too. The choir adds a cultural flavor too it, which makes the song even more stronger. "Love is the answer. Love will find a way. When we love one another, it's a brighter day."

'I will rise' is a beautiful victorious anthem about how Jesus overcame the grave. This song is powerful and gives strenght to people who go through difficult times.

My ultimate favorite is 'Praise the Father, Praise the son'. This song, written by Chris Tomlin and Ed Cash, was added when recording of the album was almost finished. It's an old hymn that has been changed for todays worship. It's a song that can be sung in churches across the globe. The song is strong yet simple.

Many of us know that Tomlin is one of the best-selling christian recording artist and has several radio hits and Dove award to his credit. He has written some of the most passionate contemporary worship songs and has played a vital role in he contemporary worship movement. All of this isn't what matters to Tomlin: "I've always wanted to write songs to give voice to people to worship God, that's my heart. In the end of the day, what ever awards come my way, I want these songs to reach generations of people to worship Him and to just really open their hearts to sing His praises. Maybe long after I'm gone, maybe when these songs lasts, when people sing it and pass it down, that would be amazing"

That wish and hope is becoming true. Tomlin's songs are sung all over the world and have entered many church buildings. I believe that this album will definitely be picked up by fellow worshippers.

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