The Irish Matchmaker

As a journalism-student I'm always interested in new TV-programs. Recently I discovered a new addition to the 'reality dating on TV kind of shows', it's called The Irish Matchmaker.

For all you Irish people out there...I'll explain.

Three Dutch single women in their mid-thirties go to Ireland to find the love of their life. With the help of an Irish matchmaker they go on dates. The three women travel all over Ireland and find their dates on different places in Ireland. In the end they have to choose a second date with one of the Irish men.

Normally I zap away when this kind of TV program is on. But this time around I'm hooked. Not only because I have friends living in Ireland but also it's interesting to see how a Dutch gal and an Irish bloke go together. Culture is interesting!
You can watch episodes here.

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Ciaran Mulcahy said...

Is it possible to provide a link for these dates? I cannot seem to find them now