November and December are busy months in my family. Everyone is celebrating their birthday and then there's of course Christmas and New Years! Before we know it, it's January and I'm already celebrating my birthday. I'm getting old.

Last year around this time I was in the USA. I love Halloween and I always wanted to go to one of the Halloween parties and I did last year. My costume was terrible... I was a witch but I looked like a Goth! I had fun anyways. Also I learned to carve a pumpkin. For a Dutch city girl, that's quite something!! So about three weeks ago my boyfriend and I bought a pumpkin and carved it together. He did the nasty party (emptying the pumpkin) and I did the best part (which was carving). This weekend we bought again some pumpkins at a farm near his hometown and I did it again with his sister!! He ran off just in time so we had to empty the pumpkins ourselves...But we had a lot of fun!! Will post some pictures when I get them.
Here are a two from last year!

Other than that everything goes really well. I'm looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. At least I have enough christian christmas worship albums to play! I've already started. My personal favorite is: Casting Crowns!

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