All ready for summer

This is going to be a little bit of a random post while I'm long overdue with posting! I should make it my daily routine, but I can't seem to find that routine.
I will give it a go at some point.
It has been really nice weather this past week. Warm & sunny. Technical it isn't really summer weather yet but 21 celcius is enough for us all to go to the beach. That's warm weather in this country. I can go to the beach whenever I want to go while I live 5 minutes from it. Only I didn't have a nice bathing suit. The ones I have are either too much skin or not a lot of skin. So I needed to find something in between. I hate to go shopping for bathing suits while I'm a little bit blessed up front and most bathingsuits are made for girls with almost nothing up front. I really don't want my "things" to hang out or be seen on the beach. So, after shopping for an entire week I found my bathing suit! YAY! It's a tankini. It's by my fave brand Esprit and I love it!


Sarah said...

Cute swimsuit! I still need one. Hopefully I can find one soon - I want to take advantage of the summer sun!

michel said...

you're right esprit is a cool brand. i buy my esprit clothing always at he gives me really cool gadgets.

Anonymous said...

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