Not me! Monday is BACK

Not me! Monday is back again!!

Not me! Monday is originally from MckMama, the founder of this website, posts every Monday her 'Not me! Monday' blog post. I love it and thought I should participate in it. In the last 5 weeks or so she didn't post a 'Not me! Monday' while her baby boy was taken into the hospital with severe supraventricular tachycardia. He had surgery and is now back home. He's still not cured but for now he's able to be home. If you want to read more about this go to MckMama's site, be sure to check it out. You don't want to miss the writings of this lady!

My best friend got married 1,5 week ago. I promised to make some sort of newspaper about the bride and groom for all the wedding guests. It was surely not me who started to make this newspaper two days prior to the wedding and then tried to print it the evening before the wedding. It surely didn't happen to me that we ran out of ink, so we had to run to the shops on the wedding day to get it printed. That didn't happen to me! :-)

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday to get rid of this infection on my leg. It was big, red and nasty. So I went in and the doctor said it was infected sebum. He had to make a cut to get it out....I surely didn't cry and said over and over again that it was soooo painful. I'm not a baby like that.

I also did not go shopping after the minor surgery on my leg. Nope, definitely not me. I couldn't walk but I thought it was a waste not to go shopping while I still had my student card with free public transportation on it. Yesterday was the last day I could use it, while I'm not a student anymore. It definitely wasn't me who traveled all the way to Rotterdam and has now an infected leg. Nope not me.

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