After 13 years....

(the short version)
Hannah and I have a special story together! Our moms met eachother in the hospital while they were still pregnant of us! They both had to be in the hospital because in both pregnancies the baby was in danger. My mom had a bloodproblem and Hannah's mom had to stay in the hospital during her whole pregnancy. My mom became friends with Hannah's mom, quite unusual because Hannah's mom couldn't speak a word of Dutch and my mom couldn't speak a word of English. Unfortunately, through the years my mom lost contact with Hannah's mom, but the stories about Hannah and her mom were always a big part of the years that I was still a kid. It made me curious and I wanted to get in touch with Hannah again, I tried to find her on the internet. I didn't expect to find her, but I did. I found her through the Namedatebase, somewhere in the end of last year.
We started to e-mail eachother and last week she was in Holland to see her dad and I got the chance to meet her and her boyfriend!
The funny part is that we are so much alike in personalities. Also, Hannah became a christian a couple of years ago and I'm a christian too! We both have the same opinion about christian subjects, which is amazing! I also believe (actually we both do) that God is the reason of all of this, we might not would have met eachother of would have been in touch again...It's so amazing! Hannah is back in England again, and I can't wait to fly over to see her and her boyfriend again. Hopefully in december.....

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FanofGOD said...

Wow Jacoline
That is so cool!That is the work of God wow very awesome glad you got to meet her!!!What a nice picture of you two.: )