New addition to the Hanson family:-)

When I first heard the news I could hardly imagine that Taylor Hanson (at age 23) is a father again for the third time! River Samuel Hanson born on september 4, 2006.
When I was a teenybopper teenager I was a huge fan of Hanson, they were a huge part of my teenage years, I hade penpals from all over the world and I collected everything from Hanson. My wish was to go to their hometown Tulsa (I even had a map) and I knew every tiny bit of them (I was so strange!!). I said in an earlier post that I was born crazy but I definitely was crazy! I even met them twice! Yeah (I know hard to believe)
Well the craziness has disappeared but once in a while I still listen to their music, and I appreciate the fact that they make their own music and that they're independent artists! So congratulations to the Hanson Family for the birth of River!


Ineke's journey said...

Whooo haa!
So you are saying that that huge picture of you and the youngest Hanson boy in your room is telling me that you're no longer crazy about them???

:-P Maybe when we take some new roomie pics you'll be able to replace it :-P

crazy or not... we love you :D

Jacoline said...

awww you're mean!! It's small, and it's on my door...Hahaha