Pictures of Chris @ Soulfest

I made some pictures with my videocamera at Soulfest, and I finally found out how I could get them of my videocamera..LOL..So here they are...Enjoy!


FanofGOD said...

Those are great pictures!!!WOW awesome!!It's so great to have pictures what a great time that was at SOULFEST!!

FanofGOD said...

Hey Jacoline
I hope I am not bugging you about sending us a copy of the video footage you got ffrom SOULFEST!!
But let me know if you are able to make a copy I would totally love it!!But please hope you don't feel like you have to do it!!Just was wondering!!I know I have asked already LOL God Bless You
Hey the 13th was my birthday LOL

els said...

nice pics girl!