What's new?

So....I have been spamming my blogpot,but it's all for a good purpose:-)

What's new in my life? Well at the moment my parents are reinventing their marriage again, I guess ;-) They are on a vacation to Prague, their third vacation this year! I'm happy for them, they finally have the time to see a little bit of the world.
My grandmother keeps on asking if I already found myself a new boyfriend...(Nope and not going to happen for a while..lol) My brother in law said to me last week: 'your different, different than your sisters, you are the kind of girl that is going to have a career and travel a lot...." So, yeah.....probably not, but hey it was fun hearing that from his mouth...and probably he says that because I'm still single..haha
The thing is that I'm happy with being single, and being single is just so much easier...esp. right now..I have to graduate from college!
And today, well I went to see some dolphins in the 'dolphinarium in Hardewijk' (a kind of zoo for sea creatures) together with my sister and her three kids. It was warm and crowded (I didn't like that at all!!) But seeing the dolphins doing their tricks made it all a bit easier. Those dolphins are so smart and so beautiful, wow! After we came back from Hardewijk we ordered a lot of McDonald's food and ate it at home (the guy at McDonalds looked at me and he was like: are you hungry?! Ehm...kind of...I just need a lot of food for my family...LOL)
So, yeah I had fun:-) Have a good week!!!

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