I regret, I regret making fun of people who have allergic reactions to something...(sorry friends!!)

because what I've experienced this weekend is that I'm allergic to something as well... I know, MAJOR NEWS.

I've eaten something and I'm allergic to it... I have break outs everywhere on my legs. :-S (I know) It's even so bad that I can't really sit down...I'm still debating what to do at work tomorrow.

In these kind of situations I always call my mom. So I picked up the phone, called her up, explained the entire situation and she just laughed and said: " yeah, your dad has it too, I think it's genetic."


The worst thing is, is that my doctor is 2 hours away from me and I forgot my health insurance card and so can't go to the hospital... So I guess I have to see what happends and hope for the best.

I think this is God's punishment of me laughing at people. LOL

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