In a couple of weeks the "Heaven on Earth" -conference will start off. I'm looking forward to it but I know it's going to be a busy week. First Soul Survivor and then Heaven on Earth. It's not sure if I will attend Soul Survivor this year. It's still very open. Anyway, one of my friends send me a text message this morning about the Heaven on Earth conference. The conference is located in an arena in Rotterdam, a city here in The Netherlands. If I decide to sleep at home I have to travel about 1,5 hours to reach the arena. Which is okay. But my friend decided it was better to just arrange a place to sleep. So she sends me this text message this morning saying: "Jac, I'm going to register for the ministry team so that I also have a place to sleep, maybe you can do the same thing, and for the record: you can pray!"

It cracked me up because I did do a ministry course a couple of years ago at Soul Survivor. If you want to be part of the ministry team at Soul Survivor you need to do a course. So did that but decided not to be part of the ministry team because I'm afraid that I can't pray for someone else... Yeah, I know: everyone can pray. But I'm very insecure and have some issues with myself regarding this, hehe. So I normally say to my friends: "can you pray?"
All my friends know & they joke about it...even my roommates!! Whenever dinner is ready and we are all together they both shout: "I'm not praying".


Sarah said...

I'm totally uncomfortable praying in front of other people (out loud). You're not alone :o)

Kendra said...

Ha! Ha! It's pretty funny that your roommates pick on you.

Ineke's journey said... know we love you, and besides, you do a great job praying! Seriously, you've done a great job stepping out of your comfortzone and just praying with us! Thanx gurl!

one of your mean roommates

John said...

The more you do it, the easier it gets! :-)

Els said...

Hey Girl, Beside, it's not you who's praying. Yeah off course the first steps but it's great when you set yourself open for the Lord to listen to what He has to say through you. He can use you!
Maby now you are ready to stepping out of your comfortzone and to pray.. Not you, but Christ in you! Have faith and believe, He will bless you. Please think again about it, i think it's good for you! I think it's the same as interview a singer like Chris Tomblin ;) It's not easy, maby you think first: Oooh I can't do this! But than you take that step and you go! :) And after it all, you see it was a great interview and you've met some new friends!
Lot's of blessings :) See you tomorrow and stay relax, Love you!