The iMac story

I'm working on an iMac at work. The computer is okay, it's not spectacular but it's working for me. Recently we bought a Canon photo camera at work. I tried to connect it with my computer but it wasn't working because I had to install the Canon photo program first. I mentioned this to my colleague and he gave me the install CD. I tried it but it wasn't working, I only got the ReadMe-file. So I mentioned this to my colleague and he said well I guess it doesn't work on an iMac you need to call the helpdesk. So did that and the guy at the helpdesk didn't understand why it wasn't working. So he went online on my computer, downloaded the program...still not working. After 1 hour on the phone (I'm not kidding) my colleague suddenly said: oh...I guess there are two CD's...I gave you the wrong one....


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