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This morning it was snowing. The weather forecast mentioned that it would snow these past couple of days but every time I opened my curtains there was no snow.. I'm not a big fan of cold weather so I wasn't too disappointed but in a way it's cool to see snow...

This morning I walked out of the flat I live in and it started to snow. HARD. The first thing that came into my mind was: "please Lord, not a lot of snow...I want to be able to get home tonight"

You see, if there's a lot of snow the whole public transportation system in Holland shuts down. My second thought was "oh no I'm wearing my All stars". I just read Stephen's blog last night and he posted that there was snow and ice in Ireland and he fell walking out of the door, wearing All stars. A bad story and I didn't want to repeat him.. Anyway I managed to get into the bus & arrived at work safe. But I watched the weather closely today...Luckily all snow is gone now. I'm curious how tomorrow morning will look like.

Work was interesting today. I had this evaluation talk with my supervisor this afternoon. I'm doing well and there's nothing else to say. I love this job and would love to stay there but it's a freelance job and my contract is ending april 17th. I hope they will offer me a new contract but because this is a TV program and it's ending in April. I'm almost positive that I will be without a job after April. Which is kind of a stress factor for me. But I guess everything will turn out good in the end and I need to learn to put more of my trust in the Lord.

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Kendra said...

J~ We got snow, too! We were on national television for getting 7 inches. I think maybe it's just abnormal for Texas this time of year and everything closes down.

I was driving home in rush hour traffic (took me 1 hr 40 min) and my windshield wipers went out. They just stopped working in the rain and slush mess on the roads. It was a little stressful trying to see in stop-and-go traffic.

But I got a snow day today!