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Yeah, I'm finally going to blog about Ireland. Haha. I wanted to do it last week but didn't really know what to write & I was still processing it all!

Not a lot of people actually knew that I was going to Ireland. Some did. But if I tell that I'm going away, I always get these weird looks: are you going away, AGAIN! So if somebody is reading this & is surprised about it...well sorry for not telling, now you know ;-)

Anyway my trip to Ireland....I did some stuff for atiG, an Christian artist & event management company, and hope to do some more in the future, but I never met the people behind atiG. So going to Ireland and meeting (almost) everybody at atiG was really cool. It was a 3-day visit, so way too short, but loved every moment of it. Philip, the guy behind atiG, arranged everything that weekend. (Thanks man!) And I got to stay at Wendy's house (a friend of Philip), Wendy was great! We had some loonngg talks! (Yeah, that's what women do ;-))And I couldn't have wished for a better host.

atiG organised a Shaun Groves & Ginny Owens concert that weekend. Never heard of Shaun & Ginny before, so it was all quite new. But I loved every moment of it and both artists are very gifted!

I also did some sightseeing. Saw a bit of Ballymena, went to Belfast and got to see the Giant's causeway and a castle. Ireland is just so beautiful!! So green! (Oh and I love Guinness)

Anyway it was great. Great to get to know everybody. It felt like I knew everybody for a very long time. The only bad thing about the weekend was the weather on Sundaymorning, but oh least I had (and hopefully we all had) a great time!!

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Sarah said...

Lucky! I want to see Belfast sometime :o)