Rules & regulations in the church

Last weekend I was in Ireland (which reminds me I still have to blog about Ireland)

So it was my first time in Ireland and I loved it. Got to meet some amazing people, had some amazing long chats and not to forget got to experience a little bit of the Irish lifestyle.

During that weekend and actually during the past few weeks I've been thinking a lot about christianity. It's not that I'm doubting my faith, definitely not. But it's just that the church is so messed up. I grew up in a church where I had to wear a skirt & hat. I had to attend church twice a Sunday, if you didn't you weren't a christian. We weren't aloud to buy stuff on Sunday and watching TV on Sunday was not done. Our TV was even hidden in our livingroom(even during the week).

Going to concerts was going to parties of the devil and going to the cinema was something you just didn't do because if Jesus came back He would find you in the cinema, how awful that might be...

This might be something very unreal for people who aren't raised like this. It does sound so unreal, but this is how I grew up. My parents were raised like this, even their parents. They only taught me what they were taught.

It's sad that most churches are still like this. The one thing I've learned is that christianity isn't about rules. It's all about having a personal relationship with God. Spending time with friends and talking about faith can be church. Praying with somebody or for somebody can be church. Church isn't always the church building you see in every town. I don't say you all should quit church, definitely not. But what I wanted to say is that we have to stop all these church rules and regulations. Churches can get so caught up by these rules. They are constantly fighting about certain rules and regulations and even some churches split and new churches are formed. Isn't that awful? People forget the real meaning of church and that is community, being the body of Christ.

God loves us for what we are. When he looks at us He doesn't see our failures or sin, He sees His Son, God gave His only Son for the sake of our sins.

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Mike said...

You are so right!