Old and new

I'm not much of a blogger. I always have these brilliant thoughts and ideas of stories but I just forget to write them down and then I forget them and never think about it again. Or I can't because of the lack of time.

So what happened in the last month of 2007? I left my 'old' job a few weeks ago and started to work for television again. Before I left my old job my colleague asked: Jac, do you have time to relax? You seem so involved in everything and always on the go, but do you really find time to relax? That made me think. I like to be involved in everything, for some reason I always get involved in things I really don't want to get involved in. Not because I hate it or don't want to do it, but mainly because I'm already involved in a lot of things and I don't want to leave something unfinished.
But to ensure everyone: I do get some time to relax! I try to shut my door every night when I get home from work and turn on the TV, prepare dinner and then eat it in front of the TV. It's my way of relaxing. In a way I feel bad for my roommates. The only time they get to see me is at night. But sometimes I just have to shut my door. My new job is hectic and it's more stressful. Not to mention that I have to travel almost 4 hours each day to get to and from work. But I don't mind, I like my new job and I always wanted to have a real job in television. I feel so grown up now. haha.

Christmas was weird this year. My sister and her 5 kids spend Christmas with my parents and I. So it was a bit crowded at the dinner table. Not only crowded but because she had a really rough year with the divorce and the abuse and stalking going on it was weird to finally sit down and have a nice dinner with each other. I think my nephew thought the same thing so he ran off, disappeared and went home.

Next year: not celebrating Christmas at home, so invites are welcome!

December 31st was great! Had an amazing time with friends, we talked, played board games and just watched the fireworks and stuff. I always love the New Year, although it's not very different than every new year.

2008 is starting off as a busy year, it will only get busier but I'm excited about this year. A lot of music, festivals and writing is on my agenda, not to mention: getting my driving license and finishing college. A lot of my American friends keep asking me why I don't have a driving license. Well in Holland it's just incredible expensive to get one. Mainly because the country is so small, and there are already too many cars. Taxes are high and getting your driving license is expensive. But I'm finally getting there and hopefully I'll start soon.

I'm flying to Ireland in 7 days. 'm very excited about that. Have never been to Ireland and can't wait to see and meet some friends there. Also I'm turning 23 in about 12 days! WOW. I'm getting old. I still remember the times when I was 12 and thought that 23 was old. Oh well I just have to get over it.


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