The power of words

I'm obsessed with hair.. uhuh, yes....I said it! I am! I drive my friends crazy. When we go out on saturday evenings I always ask: how's my hair? Not once, not twice...NO....about fourteen times an evening, until they say: get over it! Then I'll stop. I don't know what it is, but mainly that helps! haha.

The same thing with my colleague at work. (just for the record...this is not related to my hairdo)
My colleague is the producer of the kids tv program I work at. This week he's in Israel together with the presenter of the program to film some Bible stories. To make a long story short. I happened to run into him on Monday morning when I arrived at work. I got my coffee, wanted to settle myself in front of my amazing noise making Apple computer and there he was! I was in shock: I really thought he was already at the airport, but no...he was trying to find out if he had everything packed and asked if I could name a few important things so he could check if he packed everything(He did the same thing on friday and when I mentioned camera tapes, he was like: Oh....NO!!!....I forgot the most important thing!!) So I named a list of things that came to my mind but he was prepared. Then he asked me something. He asked, if I could ask him, if he was all set, packed everything and ready to go.... I think I looked at him like he was a complete weirdo! Then he explained to me that that always helps when he's going away. So I did what I was asked to do and he's now safe in Israel (hopefully he packed everything!!)

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